Saturday, April 30, 2011

How We've Been

A pictorial review of the months since I last posted:

Z Outside in her Hoodie


Z Measures


Z has a Spider in There

catching bugs

Z at the Wedding

dancing at my brother's wedding

Z at the Pond

feeding ducks

Z's Purple Sweater

And, lastly, because this is still a knitting blog, posing in the only garment I've finished in that time. Z got to wear it at the abovementioned wedding and also Easter. It looks a little funny here because the dress is poofing out underneath; also, I gave it a lot of ease, in hopes that it will last her another year or even two.

Still also working towards getting someone else to publish me; more on that in another post.

How have you all been? Anything new or cool or pretty to share in comments?

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