Monday, February 21, 2011

Why the Blog Will Be Boring for a While

Most of you know that last year was the year of the Pattern a Week Project. Sometimes I hated it, sometimes I lost sleep and sanity over it, but one thing it did was always give me something new and interesting to blog about.

Well, I set a slightly different goal this year, which is Someone Else Pays Me and Edits and Promotes (SEPMEP, or getting published by someone who is not me).

So far it's a waiting game. And I'll be able to tell you when I get rejections (which I inevitably will), but if anything gets accepted for publication, odds are I won't be able to talk about it or show you pictures or anything until after the publication date, which will be months away no matter who the publisher is.

So the blog may be boring for a while as I try to figure out both how to achieve SEPMEP and entertain you. I don't know. Are you guys interested in hearing about rejection?

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