Friday, January 7, 2011


Looking through the archives, it seems it was last January when I last had a go at spinning the octarine roving, and that was just a few yards on my drop spindle.

I love my wheel.

Enchanted Forest Spun

That is 137 yards of magic.

Enchanted Forest Spun

I know it's not good yarn in any conventional sense of the word "good". It varies wildly in thickness (most of the individual skeins turned out around 20 yards, except for the freakish one that turned out 46, go me), it's variously overspun and underspun, and I'm sure any other spinner could tell me all the other things that are wrong with it. I know I  have a lot of learning to do. But it's my yarn, MINE, I made it, and so it's perfect.

(In case you don't feel like clicking back: the roving is the Enchanted Forest Blend: Shetland and Border Leicester lamb's wool (Mookie & Whinney) Hand dyed kid & yearling mohair locks (Hattie & Raphael) fire star, tussah silk & silk noils. From Fae Ridge Farm outside Iowa City. And I just realized that the wheel was made in Iowa too, so this is totally local yarn. Nifty.)

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