Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Comment System and Design in Progress

So, I just found out that some users can't comment with Blogger's embedded comment box and that this is a widespread problem. I had no idea, and I'm so sorry. So I've sped up the plans to try out Disqus and installed it literally minutes ago.

Please, even if you've never left a comment here, give it a go so we can see if it's working. And if you find it's not working, please please please drop me a line at running.jack.knits DOT gmail DOT com. I had the embedded comment thingy for goodness knows how long and never knew there was a problem because nobody told me!

And now, some prettiness for your discussing pleasure:

I ordered the contest-winning yarn from Argosy Yarns last week and it arrived a couple of days ago. Not only that, but Melissa included a complimentary skein of cashmere! O yes. FREE CASHMERE.

Argosy Yarns

That's the Zen 4 Ply cashmere on the top, in the colorway "Deborah", which is mulberry-colored, and the winning Bonsai Bamboo in "Purple Haze" on the bottom, which is shades of purple ranging from bright grape to almost charcoal.

I haven't used the cashmere yet, but the Bonsai Bamboo, which is a 20% bamboo / 65% merino / 15% silk blend, I'm working on right now:

Argosy Yarns

It's quite soft and has a little bit of sheen and a little bit of drape, and I can also say holds up quite well to frogging and to being hurled across the room in frustration (not at the yarn! the yarn is lovely!). What you see in the picture is my third attempt at designing a scarf to do it justice. The needles are clicking along nicely now, though, and it should be finished in a couple of days.

What do you think?

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