Saturday, November 27, 2010

Contest Winner!

Wow, everybody. We've had twenty-five lovely entries in the blogiversary contest, and if pattern design paid as well as software design, I'd declare every single one a winner. It is only the calming influence of my Fabulous Husband that keeps me from going mad and buying them all RIGHT NOW.

So, keeping in mind that the other twenty-four entries are also for gorgeous yarns that you (and I) should totally check out when we have a little extra ready, I'm happy to announce that the WINNER is:

chee-uh, who wins a skein of Bonsai Bamboo from Argosy Yarns!
(Click to see my finished design for this yarn, the Sweet Sue Cabled Lace Scarf.)

And here's a handy list of the runners-up, in case you didn't get a chance to bask in their loveliness already:

Vintage Purls Sock Yarn
Alina Shea Creations
Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace (nominated twice)
SilkAndShine Mulberry Silk
Miss Babs "Yet" Laceweight
Cottage Craft Angora
Sarah Brown Hand Dyed Yarn
Le Vieux Rouet
Ever Improving Me
Sleeping Dragon Yarn
Gaia's Colours
Bohemia Fibers (nominated three times)
Storied Yarns
Light Brown Hare's "March Hare"
Lambsears Sock Yarn
The Wandering Wolf
Taylored Fibers
Biscotte & Cie
A Million Stars Hand Dyed Yarn "Into the Woods"
Juno Fibre Arts
Off the Hooks

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