Friday, November 12, 2010

Blogiversary Contest

The contest is now over. You can see the winner and a list of all the entries here, and my finished design here.

Today is the third anniversary of my very first post on this blog (A Little Outing With Franz, also my very first knitting pattern). Huzzah!

I have learned a lot about knitting and about pattern writing in those three years, and there are some things in my early work that make me wince now. But never mind. Today is not a day for regrets! Today is a day for celebrating and for creating new things!

In that spirit I've decided to run a contest. Do you like handspun and/or hand-dyed yarn? So do I! Would you like to win some? Here's what to do:

In a comment to this post, leave:

1. Your e-mail address OR your Ravelry ID OR another method of contacting you (if you'd rather not leave one publicly, you can also leave this number blank and e-mail your contact info to running.jack.knits AT gmail dot com).

2. A link to your very favorite indie yarn retailing under $20 a skein (wish I were made of money, but I had to draw a limit) preferably on Etsy to make things easier for me, but a link to the seller's personal website is okay if they're not on Etsy.

3. A description of what you think I should knit out of your very favorite yarn (be as specific or as general as you like).

4. Your choice of whether you would like to receive the finished knitted item, or a skein of the yarn and a copy of the finished pattern.

In two weeks (that's November 26, the day after Thanksgiving), I will, by a secret method, choose a winner and broadcast it with great cheer. I will order two skeins of the winning yarn, use one to knit an original item, and then mail either the finished item or the other skein to the winner. (Edited to add: The contest will end midnight, CST (-5:00 GMT); I'll post the winner on Saturday morning.)

So, hop to it! This is a good time to advertise your favorite independent yarn seller and tell us why you love them. (Just enter once, please). Don't have a favorite independent yarn seller? Click through the links of the other entries, and maybe you'll discover one!

Here's a good place to start browsing: Hand Dyed, Handspun, and Hand Painted.

The contest is now over. You can see the winner and a list of all the entries here.


  1. Sewsable on Rav is my favourite indie dyer, she also does lace, but sock is $20 NZ and she does beautiful sock yarns which tend to sell out really quickly.

    Her yarn is definitely great for socks, but it also makes wonderful shawls. I love both.

    I think I'd prefer to receive a skein and pattern, that way I get the pleasure of the finished item and the delight of knitting it.

  2. Hi! This indie dyer has some beautiful and affordable yarns.
    I especially like the Waxing Moon - Rainbow Kit-400 I love bright colors, this would make a very pretty scarf or fingerless mitts or socks. I would love a pattern to make my own. Thanks for the contest. My Ravelry ID is gussek

    Debbie in Alaska

  3. I'm Feloris on Ravelry.
    I love Fyberspates, I've only ordered once so far, but several yarns, and they're all incredible. Most of her yarns are slightly to expensive for this, but these should work. Scrumptious is unbelievably soft (I've got some, so I know). I especially like the Rose Pink here. A lovely soft lace scarf...mhhhh.
    I guess I'd love the finished item, what with all the Christmas knitting, and my endless Ravelry queue. ;)

  4. I have looked and can't seem to find any that are under $20. I did like the one that Feloris posted though.
    dieborl on Ravelry

  5. I loved this yarn[0]=tags&includes[1]=title&filter[0]=supplies&filter[1]=yarn&filter[2]=silk

    and I think I found exaclty the perfect project for it

    Chloe88 on raverly!
    I'd love the finished item. I always knit for presents and I can't find time to knit for myself!

  6. This yarn is soft and beautiful. It's from Argosy Yarns:

    This would make a beautiful knit, lace scarf and I would like to receive a skein and pattern to make it myself.

    monkalicious on Ravelry

  7. I always love to look at All natural bison, qiviut, angora and wool blends. I've wanted to buy some of their golden french angora 2ply ( for a while but it sells out the fastest. Really, any of the bunny hues are fine, though.

    If you bought this, I think you should make either Fairies and Flowers Scarf ( or Honeybunch Scarf (

    As much as I wish I could work with this yarn, I would ask for the finished product to gift to my mother for after she has heart surgery so she has something light and fuzzy to make her smile, knowing it was made just for her. I'm still pretty new to knitting and am working on my first shawl for her for this purpose, but I still knit slowly and would like to have something for her to snuggle in.


  8. I really like the yarn by

    And I think I'd love to knit one of Anne Hanson's patterns.

    I'm globalite on Ravelry.

  9. First off, Happy Blogiversary!
    I love Miss Babs:
    Her colorways are inspired. She has many different yarns but one that is under $20 is her "Yet" lace yarn which would make a beautiful Citron. I would love to get a skein to try myself, and the pattern is free! I am AndaraKnits on Ravelry.

  10. Wish you Happy Blogiversary!
    Reading you in germany also....:-)
    I'd like this yarn:
    It's from vieuxrouet.
    I prefer the pattern "Veyla" by Ysolda Teague.
    I will knit by myself.


  11. Hi there! I'm Jessecreations on Ravelry.

    Ack, I have so many favorites! Hmmm. For that price range, I have a favorite skein from my friend Johanna of Ever Improving Me:
    I think it would look great as a Travelling Woman shawl, which personally I'd prefer to knit myself. :)

  12. Happy Blogaversary!

    I am having trouble choosing. Most of the indie dyers I buy sock yarn from the cost is $22 ( to $23 (,com_virtuemart/Itemid,8/category_id,25/page,shop.browse/). Or I buy from The Loopy Ewe ( Simply Sock Yarn Co. ( Both of them support indie dyers.
    I wouldn't mind trying someone new.
    My favorite color is blue but I've branched out to some greens and purples.
    I would love the finished project as I usually give mine away as gifts.
    I would love an ascot similar to these:
    You can find me on ravelry, SusanB-knits.

  13. Hi and Happy Blogiversary!

    I'm TuttleDB on Ravelry.

    I love BohemiaFibers over on ArtFire and she has this really fun hand painted sock yarn called Woodstock -- -- that I really love. A plus is that all her sock yarns are on sale for $12 right now! If I were to win, I'd love to have you make something for me since I always seem to be knitting for others. I would really like these socks -- -- and a pair of fingerless mitts. The sock pattern is free (always good) and you could pick the mitts pattern. Thanks!

  14. Hello this is a terrific contest. My ravelry id is EverImprovingMe. There are so many really cool yarns out there! One of my favorite is from Jessie of Storied Yarns, I love all of her yarns and the stories behind them! I would choose this because I would want one that Jessie did one not too long ago called Harry Dresden from the Dresden Files.

    I am not very good at knitting yet so I would be so happy to get something knitted for me like wristlets, fingerless gloves, a hat or scarf. Something good for the cold (I am from Florida and just moved back to Kentucky a few months ago and believe it or not it gets cold here!)

    I am going to spread the word about this really cool contest! Thank you again!

  15. Just realized that I said "and" instead of "or" when saying I would like those socks OR a pair of fingerless mitts. Guess that's what happens when you are online in the middle of the night instead of sleeping! LOL

  16. What a great contest!!!! My name on Ravelry is theluckielizard. My favorite indie seller is BohemiaFibers on Artfire ( If I were to be chosen the winner I would like a pair of socks or a hooded cowl. I really love cables, but any pattern would be great. Happy Blogiversary!!!! and many more to come :-)

  17. Here's an entry from Ilina, who ran into technical difficulties. If anyone else is having trouble posting a comment, feel free to e-mail or PM me your entry and I will be glad to post it! - Wendy


    I love this idea for a contest! You are very generous.

    I’m ilina on ravelry, and my favourite dyer on etsy is WildFireFibres:
    I’d love any of her purple-hued sock yarns (though my favourite out of the current stock is Fantasia in Watercolour or Purple Lotus and the BFL sock in Lupin) or the Merlin and Tempo yarns in the Storm colourway.

    I’d like to use the yarn to knit nice long mitts with a simple, playful design - in the style of your Unstrung fingerless mitts. And I’d definitely enjoy knitting them myself, because knitting makes me happy :)

  18. 1. Rav id: jacrae

    2. - I love these yarns and missed a great skein a few weeks ago!

    3. I would make a slouchy beret with this yarn

    4. Skein of the yarn, please!

  19. Janice writes:


    I like Lambsears sport weight wool yarn (handpainted). Summer walk is very pretty and I would love to make a pair of socks from that. Thank you for sponsoring the contest.

  20. This sounds like so much fun! Congrats on 3 years :)
    My favorite indy dyer is bohemia fibers. Just recently moved from Etsy to Artfire. My favorite colors are blues, and she does them beautifully! I'd love some sort of shawl/scarf. It's getting cold here in MN.
    Ravelry name: MindyO

  21. One of my favorites actually does handspun yarn for under $20. I would probably make a hat or some fingerless mitts to show off the yarn as well as possible.

    Knittingknadine on Ravelry

  22. 1. amacnevin on Ravelry
    2. This gave me a neat excuse to start browsing etsy looking at some indie dyers. I liked the colors I was seeing at taylored fibers: The Hand dyed superwash merino in lime green, orange, blue, and pink kept drawing me back, but I think the hand dyed merino twist yarn in blue would make for a better project. :)
    3. I'm on a quest currently for fingerless mitts, so if there's yardage enough for at least one mitt, I'd love to see that knit up!
    4. And, it's all about the knitting for me, so it'd be the most fun to have a skein and the pattern to work on myself :)

  23. What a great idea and a great gift you offer to us !

    I just discover your pattern from Ravelry and I love the mittens one ;-)

    So I am going to play too:

    1. My Ravelry id is amandiiine

    2. My favorite dye yarns on Etsy is from Biscotte:

    3. I would like to make a nice comfy cowl for winter that I will knit with another kid mohair yarn.... mmmhh !!

    4. I prefer receive a skein of the yarn, we both know that time is so precious, and I think yours is as precious as mine so time you can't spend to knit for me (eventually) will be knit for you ^^

  24. I don't have a favourite, aside from my mom, so I went shopping, and fell in love with the In the Woods - Hand Dyed Fingering found here:
    Love that green, and the seller is in my own province. I would love to try making a wide lacy wrap/scarf. Thanks!


  25. Happy belated blogiversary, and well done on 3 years of bloggy glory! I love the idea for the competition too - it's great that you've used the event to encourage people to get into indie dyers and to help them get some recognition too.

    In answer to your very astute questions above:

    1. I'm sugarspunpurls on Ravelry. I know - I knitted pigs. It's shameful really!

    2. My favorite indie dyer of the moment is Juno Fibre Arts ( I first came across them at the Knit Nation fair in London this summer and I'm addicted to their 'Superstitions' colorways, which are named after British superstitions. The top colorway for me is 'Cricket' (, named after the incredibly springy insects which are apparently a good omen if found in the home. I guess that's pretty convenient - if you're unfortunate enough to have to get rid of a cricket from the kitchen, you can at least invoke its powers as a good luck charm!

    3. I'd love a triangular shawl that can be worn with the point at the front and the ends wrapped around the neck - kind of a backward shawl! I never would have thought I could be a shawl person before I started knitting, but when they're flipped around like this, I can totally get on board with the idea.

    4. I'm such a child over the festive season that any mail makes me pretty excited. Given that the holidays are coming, though, I'd quite like to receive something that someone's knitted for me, so the finished item would be great!

    Thanks again for your blog, and for such an imaginative competition!

  26. 1. noweesmom at g mail dot com
    2. I love
    3. I would love for you to knit an elephant :) or send me the pattern for one :)
    4. I really really would like for you to send me a skein of the yarn and a copy of the finished pattern.