Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Show of Hands

Also, addendum to the last post: How many of you had or have an American Girl doll? Your daughters? Granddaughters?

I got mine for Christmas when I was eight; a Samantha, one of the earlier ones before they Victorianized her hair and skin. She's currently wearing an outfit (one of many) that my mom sewed for her.

I used to pore over those catalogs. Pretty much everything in them was too expensive for us to contemplate buying, but fortunately for me, my mother is one of those who can look at a thing, say, "That? Pff. I can make that." And then make it. I owe my habits of frugality and craftiness to her. Thanks, Mom.


  1. I had a Samantha (or I guess I still have a Samantha, somewhere)! I saved up my allowance for her, which was a lot easier to do then since now American Girl Dolls are way more expensive. Not that they weren't expensive before, just less....

  2. Thanks for mentioning me!
    Glad you picked up on my GOOD habits!

  3. Just stopping by to say hi!
    I didn't have an American Girl doll but I did make a lot of Barbie doll clothes.

  4. Almost 20 years ago Santa bought my girls Samantha and Kirsten(there were only three dolls at the time). It was all we could do to buy the dolls, but they were loved. Pleasant Company had sewing patterns for accessories, so I made some nightgowns and Kirsten's apron. I made both of them clothes and knit sweaters and hats. I couldn't copy all the clothes, but E & K had enough to share. I looked at the new catalog and Samantha and Kirsten are no longer sold. Everything was so different in the catalog. Things were simpler years ago.

  5. Becky - Yay for Samantha! I'm sad to hear they've gotten more expensive. I kind of outgrew them round about the time Mattel bought the company.

    Mom - Aww. A girl tries.

    Susan - Hi! :D

    MJ - They sound like lucky girls. I'm sad those original dolls aren't sold anymore; I guess that makes ours more special? My daughter's definitely getting mine, anyhow.