Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poll Results

The poll results are in, and I've removed it from the front page. For future reference, here are the results:

Which small projects would you most like to see patterns for?

Gloves and Mittens - 14 votes
Baby Clothes - 12 votes
Toys - 12 votes
Scarves - 8 votes
Hats - 7 votes
Household items (washcloths, etc.) - 6 votes
Other (detail in comments) - 1 vote

Whoever chose "Other" never did detail in the comments what they thought it should be. We may never know! (Feel free to leave a comment to this post to clear that up, if it was you, or even if it wasn't and you'd like to jump in.)

Thank you to everybody who voted. The 12 of you who asked for more baby clothes will be pleased (I hope) to hear that my next project is currently blocking on my living room floor, and will be up for download Thursday or Friday.

And for the rest--I've got another convertible glove pattern assembling in my brain, and a scarf on the needles, so hopefully there will be something for everybody in the next couple of weeks. :)

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