Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week Seventeen: Unstrung

I have a bit of a fascination with dropped stitches as a design feature, but most of the patterns I've seen that incorporate them use stitches that drop all the way from the top down to the bottom. What if you contained the dropped stitches so you could make whatever sort of pictures you wanted? I wondered.

Unstrung Mitts

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Note: If you downloaded this pattern on or before July 13, 2010, there is an error.

Round 59 should read: k6, k2tog, k3, ssk, k to m, sl m, k1fb, k to 1 st before m, k1fb, sl m, k to end. 49 sts.

The error has been corrected in the version currently available for download.

Unstrung is a pair of fingerless mitts worked in the round with a gusset thumb. It uses dropped stitches to create a decorative leaf motif.

Price: FREE.

Yarn: You will need approximately 150 yards of a sport-weight wool for best results. (Pictured: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport Multi in Fiddlehead – sport, 1 skein / 70g / 200 yards, 100% wool)

  • US size 5 double-pointed needles
  • 2 stitch markers
  • stitch holders or waste yarn
  • tapestry needle

Gauge: 4 inches = 23 sts / 34 rows in stockinette

Sizing: Finished wrist circumference is approximately 7” flat. Finished length is approximately 9” as pictured; instructions are given to lengthen or shorten the mitts.


  1. Those are really pretty! And I very much like the way you used dropped stitches. Very clever and an elegant result.

  2. That is so neat! Ingenious, and lovely :)

  3. knitterlyanne - Thank you! I was about to address this reply to "Lyanne", then realized that I wasn't sure whether to parse your name as "Knitter Lyanne" or "Knitterly Anne". Either way, I'm glad you think they're elegant.

    Becky - Thank you, O Faithful Commenter! I will treasure up "ingenious" along with "elegant" as a word which makes me very happy when applied to my knitting.

  4. soooo clever [ and pretty ] ... I'm NEVER going to get to the end of my eavelry queue at this rate :]

  5. Thanks, catsmum! I know the queue has kind of been put on hold for a year while I do this project, but in the meantime it keeps growing and growing.

  6. Congratulations on having the pattern of the day on DailyKnitter!

  7. Quite lovely. And it's so nice that the stitch work doesn't get lost in the variegated yarn. Nice work.

  8. Susan - Thanks for the heads up!

    OPKnitter - Thank you very much. :)

  9. This pattern is amazing! I'm in awe of the knitting genius here! Thank you so much for this pattern.

  10. Thanks, Melissa! You put me to the blush.