Monday, March 8, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

We're having a bit of both here and I am no end of pleased. For one thing, a week's worth of 40-degree weather means that the sidewalks are navigable again, and taking a daily walk with Z has done wonders for my sanity.

Plastic Swatch

This month's Project Yarnway challenge is to make something out of materials that were not originally intended for knitting or crocheting. I knew an "unconventional materials" challenge would turn up at some point, and, to be honest, I'd been hoping for something a little more specific. Part of what makes Project Runway work is that there are always at least two parts to every challenge. Make a cocktail dress--out of flowers! Make a kid's outfit--and a coordinating adult look! Make a high-end couture gown--with a budget of $5! And so on. There's plenty of room for individual expression, but you're still basically comparing apples to apples.

So I'd been hoping we'd get a challenge like "Make a hat--out of items from a candy store!" I really do appreciate the organizer's attempt to be as inclusive as possible by (so far) not placing many restrictions on a challenge, but, really, anyone with aspirations to designing ought to be capable of a few basics--hat, dishcloth, bag--without requiring everyone to design a sweater every month.

Same goes for materials. Some sort of restriction would help keep everyone on a more level field. Leaving it open may seem more inclusive, but it also means that someone with access to 3,000 yards of sari silk has an advantage over someone who can only come up with dental floss.

Or, in my case, plastic. I know knitting with cut-up plastic bags is not a new idea, but it's what I have plenty of, and having considered my alternatives (including dental floss) it's what I'm going to go with. Wish me luck.


  1. You should definitely make a sweater out of knit plastic bags. Hmmm, plastic sweater, maybe not, ha ha :) Good luck!

  2. Good luck!
    It actually has a ribbon look to it.

  3. Becky - Thanks! Maybe not a sweater, but a raincoat?

    Susan - Thanks!

  4. When I heard the Project Runway challenge, I thought about what I would do. I thought of getting some 4mm dowels and some fishing line (or some other line) and knitting something up. Maybe with 4 "skeins" at once for bulk.

    LOL fun to day dream

  5. mom4rmpc -- you know, that might look kind of cool, with the translucence of the fishing line. It's not as pliable as plain old plastic bags, though. I'd probably give up before I finished anything presentable.

    Are you hopping in on the Project Yarnway fun on Rav? It's open to everyone!