Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oof da.

The squid pattern is seriously messing with me, you guys. I think I'm going to have to chart the whole thing. I've got about 17 rows done, and that's only after hours of messing about with paper and pencil and deciding where it makes the most sense to start the rows because of the overlapping tentacles and swapping back and forth between two similar but nonidentical knitting fonts to get all the symbols I need, and even then I'm going to have to draw some of my own in my image editing program.

Bet you thought I forgot about having a new pattern today, didn't you?

Don't worry. It'll be up later today, but as I have as usual left everything to the last minute, I have to wait for Z to wake up from her nap to get pictures of her in the finished object.

I'm sure I had at least a week's buffer built into this project once upon a time. What did I do with it? Argh...


  1. I see your Basic Baby Mitts are the pattern for today on

  2. Whoa. Cool! Thanks for letting me know!