Saturday, March 20, 2010

Apparently I Have Already Used Oof Da as a Post Title

This week's pattern will be up on its own page in a minute. I just wanted to keep the babbling separate from the pattern.

This week has kicked my butt. For the first half, Z was beset with both a nasty cold and the appearance of her first tooth. (Which, yay, but poor kid can't seem to catch a break.) For the last couple of days, while she's made nearly a full recovery, I've gotten whatever cold she had (and it is a nasty one. I don't blame her one bit for being cranky.)

This is not my best week ever. This is not my best pattern ever. But that is kind of what the Project is here for, I think. It's like NaNo. To get me in the habit of producing something, even when that something is kind of garbage, so that I have the discipline to also produce cool stuff (like convertible mitts and awesomely cute baby dresses) on the weeks when the germs aren't out to get us. (And there is cool stuff coming up. Hang in there and you won't be disappointed.)

Oh, and speaking of cool stuff, I am the featured indie designer over at Canary Knits today. She has been reviewing a ton of indie designer profiles on her blog for a while now. You should check them out; I've found a few new favorites. Thanks for including me!

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