Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Woe Angst Woe

I have no in-progress knitting pictures to show you today because I SUCK. Instead, enjoy this picture of me and my adorable daughter.

Z in Hand-Me-Downs

Here my darling Z is modeling a little outfit that was originally sewn by her great-grandma for her grandma (my mother). It's in pristine condition. How's that for workmanship?

My problem is that I totally dropped the ball and did not get the pattern for the baby dress written up and out to testers. If I had, we wouldn't be having this blog post. But as it is, ANYTHING I write from this point will be finished too late to use the Free Pattern Testers group (which requires a deadline a minimum of one week from the day you submit the pattern). So I either have to find some magical elves who will test my (still nonexistent) pattern in, like, TWO DAYS, or release a pattern on Saturday that is potentially full of mistakes, or not release a pattern on Saturday at all.

But lest you think my life is all misery, let me relate this anecdote:

My Fabulous Husband, my darling Z, and I were at the grocery store. Fab Hub dropped a box of graham crackers into the cart, and little me said, "Now we must get frosting!" because when I was a child, frosting and graham crackers went together like PB&J. So we wheeled ourselves over to the frosting aisle, and I picked a jar of rainbow chip.

It turns out that Fab Hub a) does not have the same urgent need to put frosting on his graham crackers as I do, and b) does not even really care for rainbow chip frosting. Which means I get to eat it all myself. A WHOLE JAR. OF RAINBOW CHIP FROSTING. JUST FOR ME.

Sometimes being a grownup is exactly the way you imagined it would be when you were young.


  1. Z is so cute! they grow so fast. Can't say that I've had graham crackers and frosting. I just like to dip mine in milk.

  2. They do! I can't believe how tall she is already.