Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week Nine: Googie

That's kind of a fun word, googie. Hee. Not as fun as squeegee or defenestrate, but up there.

I tried one more tweak to this after yesterday's post, and although the finished washcloth still had a few lumps, a wash and a good blocking fixed them. Callooh callay! So if you were thinking of making these as a gift, I'd recommend blocking them first. If they're for personal use, I wouldn't bother. They're only washcloths.

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Googie is a boomerang-shaped dishcloth worked back and forth in garter stitch.

Yarn: You will need approximately 60 yards of a worsted-weight cotton for best results. (Pictured: Lily Sugar'n'Cream in Country Green – worsted, 1 skein / 70g / 120 yards, 100% cotton)


  • US size 8 needles
  • one stitch marker
  • tapestry needle
Gauge: 4 inches = 16 sts / 20 rows in garter stitch

Sizing: Finished dishcloth is approximately 7.5” long and 8” high at longest and highest points.


  1. It's actually kinda cute! It looks like it would fit your hand just right.

  2. Thanks! It is a pretty decent dishcloth. But then, it's hard to really screw up a dishcloth, since the requirements are so basic. ;)