Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Sweetest Thing I Ever Saw Was You Asleep and Dreaming

Z Sleeping I'm much better today, but my Z still has a cold and Fab Hubby has succumbed to whatever bug it was I had. Ah, marriage. This marks the first time that everyone in my family has been sick but me. (I'm not counting the times before Z was born and FH was sick.)

I hate that they're sick, but I love that I'm here to take care of them. People always tell you "Take care of yourself!" when you're not feeling well, but you know what? Taking care of yourself sucks. It's ever so much nicer to have someone else who loves you and will fetch you lime Gatorade and saltines. And it feels good and right to return the favor. This family thing, I dig it.

The upshot is that they are both out cold, and I am following the figure skating updates online because I don't want to wake FH with the TV. (Yes, the TV's in the bedroom. There was no other place to put it. If you saw our wee apartment you would understand.) They've gone and hooked up the athletes' Twitter updates to NBC's official site. Poking through them amuses me. Johnny Weir, if you ever need a break from figure skating, pleasepleaseplease be on Project Runway.

Well, maybe FH will be awake by the time the final group is up and I can watch the medalists, at least. Anyway, off to fetch blue Gatorade.


  1. Hope everyone has a speedy recovery. Babies are so cute when they're sleeping!

  2. I love seeing my children sleeping - they're often snuggled up together in the same bed. There's a sweetness about them when they sleep that is sometimes hard to see when they're awake ;-)