Friday, February 26, 2010

Rosie the Robot would have used one.

The Thing from the previous post is what you see on the left in the top picture. The goal of this exercise is in the bottom right.

Dishcloths 001

Dishcloths 002

My Fabulous Husband really, really digs Googie architecture. (See also: Mid-century modern, retro-futurism, Paleo-Future, The Incredibles, the Jetsons.)

I thought it would be neat to knit something with that vibe. But the problem with that is that there is precious little knitwear in the past's vision of the future. Everything is hard and shiny. So I decided to take a little license and incorporate one of the popular shapes of that style, the boomerang, into a dishcloth. A Dishcloth of the Future That Was Going to Have Been!

This is not as impressive as it sounds.

My first attempt was misshapen and lumpy. For my second attempt, I decided to use k1fb increases instead of m1, figuring that three m1s in a row distorted the fabric too much. As you can see, Take Two was also misshapen and lumpy. For attempt three, I kept the k1fb, but changed the rate at which I was increasing and decreasing, which did a lot to fix the shape but still left lumps (and was also kind of a wimpy size), and for attempt four, I cast on more stitches and shifted the increases and decreases so they don't all happen at the very edge of the fabric, which didn't completely fix the lumps, but came close enough. And that is the pattern you'll be getting tomorrow.

Why didn't I frog attempts one through three? Well, for one, this way you get to see my process (which consists of "keep trying till it looks okay", apparently), and for another, they may be ugly but they're still perfectly serviceable dishcloths. And with a baby still learning how to maneuver solids from a spoon to her mouth, I can't have too many of those.