Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can't See It

Briefly: This week's pattern is probably going to be baby socks, next week's pattern will be the striped baby dress if the testers finish on time, and Z is *thisclose* to crawling. Oh boy.

The first challenge for Project Yarnway is to knit (or crochet) something that "expresses who we are as a designer" (a familiar phrase, if you watch PR at all) using only yarn and needles that we already own. I have a decent stash, so that part isn't a problem. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, too. Mitts with a cabled squid on the backs. I've done cabled snakes, so how much more difficult could tentacles be?

Lots more, it turns out.

Squid Mitt

My difficulty is that I can't visualize how things will look before I knit them. Oh, sure, I can have a primitive idea--enough to use a yarnover if I want to make a hole and a cable if I want a twist--but I've got no clue how all those stitches stacked in rows will play with each other, even when I chart them out beforehand. This is why I can't design lace.

Look at the top of the mitt there. I couldn't have told you the pointy bit was going to look like that until I was at least a dozen rows past it. You can imagine how much fun this is when designing something from scratch. If I want to fix something, I won't know I want to fix it until I'm at the point where I've got to rip back TWELVE ROWS to do it.

Are there lessons for this sort of thing? Books? Anyone?

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