Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week Three: Firstfall

The name "Firstfall" popped into my head while I was working on these. It's the title of a story that compares the first fall of snow to the first time you fall in love. In my case it also refers to the first yarn I fell in love with. (Go ahead and make fun.) But I like that all those things are wrapped up in these mitts--snow, yarn, and even my Fabulous Husband who nudged me into doing this crazy project in the first place.

Firstfall trio

Firstfall is a cabled convertible mitt with a simple gusset thumb knit in the round. The need for flip-tops secured with a button or Velcro is done away with by using flaps which are joined to the hand and thumb on three sides. The cable panel is reversible, so the cable looks lovely whether worn as a mitt or a mitten.

Price: $6.00 (USD)

Yarn: You will need approximately 220 yards of a worsted- or aran-weight wool that cables well in a solid or semisolid colorway for best results. A yarn with some stretch and give will be easiest to work with.(Pictured: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Sapphire Green – aran, 1 skein / 100g / 216 yards, 100% merino)

  • 5 US size 5 dpns, or 4 dpns and a cable needle
  • 2 stitch markers
  • stitch holder or waste yarn
  • tapestry needle

Gauge: 4 inches = 20 sts / 42 rows in garter stitch

Finished Measurements: Wrist circumference is 7” flat, 8” stretched. Circumference may be adjusted by adding or subtracting equal numbers of stitches from the palm side and the garter-stitch sections of the cable.

Length from cuff to top (flap down) is 9.5”. Length of hand flap is 3”. Length may be adjusted to accommodate longer or shorter fingers by adding or subtracting equal numbers of rows from the hand and hand flap portions.


  1. Ooh, these are beautiful! I saw your ad on my blog and just had to follow it. I'm very, very tempted. Now to decide if I can afford to let my other projects suffer while I jump into these... ;-)

  2. Wow, thanks! I'm glad you like them. :)

  3. They totally look amazing, ubelievable you will challenge yourself that way. I'm looking forward to the other patterns/weeks

  4. I love this pattern and am knitting it right now! I'm trying to figure out though because I've had a problem with the length...I just bound off for the hand flap and tried it on. I measured from the bottom of the cuff to the tip of my middle finger and that's about 10 3/4 inches. I guess what I'm trying to ascertain is how far should they come up the palm side of my hand when I bind off? Should the pinky be covered when I start the hand flap. I appreciate any guidance you could give me! :-)

  5. Hi!

    It's really up to you. On my own pair, the tip of my pinky is just barely showing. I find that the flap stretches to accommodate my tallest finger just fine.

    Other knitters have found that they prefer to cover their pinky in order to have a roomier mitten.

    What's most comfortable for you may depend on how tall your fingers are in relation to each other, and how stretchy the yarn you're using is.

    I hope that answers your question--feel free to drop me a line at anytime!