Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We're safely home again from our vacation.

Z and Dad Play Pattycake
Z plays pattycake with her dad, a.k.a. My Fabulous Husband.

It was good to be there, and it is likewise good to be back. You'd think I'd have lots of knitting time while staying in a house full of the relatives of the adorable baby, but other than Chrysopoeia I really didn't get anything done.

All my daydreams about having a lovely buffer of finished patterns before kicking off this whole Pattern a Week thing have gone right out the window. Even before we left for vacation, I'd thought I could at least finish a thing or two, but all my knitting time right up to and including the car trip there was taken up by my dad's cardigan.

I have plenty of original ideas; my fabulous husband made me write them all down before I committed to this, to be sure I'd have enough material to follow through. So there's no lack of inspiration. I just have to knit fast. And write fast. And somehow magically get ahead of myself so I have time to do more complex projects later in the year.

But I am undaunted! Here is a peek at this week's object:

Beaded Bag

(I hope it looks all right. My monitor died, and the colors on its replacement are much, much darker, no matter how I fuss with the brightness and contrast. I can't yet judge where the happy place is between too dark to see on my monitor and too bright to see on normal people's monitors.)

The pest control men came through our building today.

Them: Have you had any bugs?

Me: Hmm...we get fruit flies sometimes. (Sad but true.)

Them: Er, no, we meant...any cockroaches?

Me: No! Why, does someone else have cockroaches?

Them: We're not really allowed to say.

So, someone in our building has cockroaches. But not us! Hurray for not yet having given up on the housekeeping.

My darling Z is refusing to sleep. I'll go in to sing to her, and she'll lift her head and beam at me. That's the worst. (Yes, you're adorable and I love you to pieces, kid, but for goodness' sake take a nap!) So time to call it a post.


  1. Nice peek at the next project. I love working with beads.
    I hope Z starts taking her naps. My grandson didn't like taking naps and he still fights going to sleep at night! (he'll be 5yr next month)

  2. Thanks! I hadn't worked with beads in a while and this reminded me how much I love it, too. A more complex beaded project may be called for. ;)

    Oh, I hope Z isn't still fighting sleep when she's 5! Oh dear!