Monday, January 18, 2010


Happy Birthday, Grandpa
Happy birthday, Grandpa!

Well, the design for Week Four is safely off to the test knitters, and I was noodling around with some sock yarn and beads, trying to come up with a stitch pattern for a lightweight scarf for Week Five.

A few inches into it I finally got into a groove, and found something I liked. You can see it in the top few rows, a kind of lace oval pattern.

Setback 001

"Hey, this is pretty easy!" I thought, which is a phrase that by now sets off all manner of alarms in my head. So, like a good little indie designer, I consulted Google.

Sure enough, someone has been here before me. Take a look at the Dewdrop Scarf by Charles Voth. Isn't it pretty? (Psst. AND available for free. I don't understand why there are only 3 projects on Ravelry for this pattern.)


Setback 002

My husband likes to frog my false starts for me. He says it's cathartic.

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