Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Coral Scarf

No matter how I style it, I hate that scarf. There is no way I can let that scarf be the pattern for Week Five.

Want to know the worst part? (Well, the worst part may be the smell, and I grant you this is not making me view any other part of the thing charitably. Want to know the second-worst part?) It's nothing special. It is a skinny scarf with a lace bit on the border. There is nothing about that scarf that says, "I made this. Me. It is a Wendy Scarf."

So that's out.

Yesterday my darling Z did not sleep well. I think she's teething. Poor dear. As a result I got zero knitting done yesterday.

And this morning I didn't work on the Project at all. I puttered. I finally steeked the Autumn Cardigan that was to have been my mom's birthday gift last year. (My first steeking experience. And for the record, cutting your knitting? Not as scary as the hype.)

Autumn Cardigan Sleeve

Picked up the stitches for the sleeve and knit a few rounds. I have a bad record of not finishing what I start (you can find ample examples if you read through this blog), but if I don't finish this I will be a bad daughter indeed.

And I pulled out the octarine roving and my spindle and spun a few yards.

Octarine Yarn

The picture's kind of blurry. Sorry. I am sorely out of practice when it comes to spinning, and doing it to this roving feels a little unkind. It's so light and lovely and sparkly, and it practically spins itself. I feel as though it deserves a better spinner than me.

Anyway, a little project avoidance has done wonders for my stress level. I still have to figure out something foolproof by Saturday, and write up the pattern for the baby dress so I can find testers and have that proofed by the Saturday after that. But sitting here just now, with Z finally napping and a bowl of M&M's in front of me, it seems doable. Wish me luck.


  1. M&Ms? I love M&Ms, I'm so jealous right now.
    For the record, I kind of like the scarf, but go with your gut, it will work out!