Sunday, December 27, 2009

Checking in from Vacation

We are spending a deliciously long holiday with my parents, who live six hours from us. I finished the goose (it was a cardigan for my dad. Note to self: STOP TAKING COMMISSIONS, YOU WILL GO CRAZY). My Z tried her first solid food (rice cereal) and seems to enjoy it.

Z After Her First Bowl of Rice

And I finally have found the time to get working on the Pattern a Week project. (Every time I get to the name of it I want to type "52 Things" instead. Is that a better name? Is it too late to change?)

My brother requested a gold cabled scarf for his girlfriend (STOP TAKING COMMISSIONS, YOU WILL GO CRAZY). It's going to be Week One of my project. Here's a peek:

Gold Scarf

Don't forget to check back here on the first Saturday in January for the pattern!

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