Saturday, November 14, 2009


For my birthday, my scrumptious husband drove me and Z out to Fae Ridge Farm, a fiber farm whose mission, according to their website, is "to leave the world a better place for future generations by growing and selling local organic food as well as providing everything needed for socially responsible knitting, hand-spinning, and other fiber arts." Not too shabby.

Sheep at Fae Ridge

We tried to meet the sheep, but they weren't interested. Alas, Z's first experience of wool with legs will have to wait. (She did get to meet the store puppy, Phoebe, who is very fond of babies.)

But I got to choose pressies! Knitterly, socially responsible ones! And that is enough to cheer one up despite the aloofness of any number of sheep.


This is 750 yards of Tatamy Tweed, which is destined to be something springy for Z. The object will depend on how my knitting speed corresponds to her growth rate. If I'm lucky, I may wrangle a jumper in time for it to fit her. If not...well, hats are nice.


This is 600 yards of Mauch Chunky, destined to be felted into something smaller but no less colorful. Slippers, maybe. Or a tote.


And THIS is 8 ounces of roving produced right there on the farm MAGIC.

From the label:

Shetland and Border Leicester lamb's wool (Mookie & Whinney) Hand dyed kid & yearling mohair locks (Hattie & Raphael) fire star, tussah silk & silk noils

You guys. YOU GUYS. I could go on and on about how much I love this. The picture does not begin to do it justice. It's so SOFT and FLUFFY and SHINY. I swear it's octarine. (The label calls the color Enchanted Forest, but we know better, don't we?)

It's so pretty I'm almost afraid to spin it. I hadn't spun anything since I took that class last year. But more on that in another post. Z is calling, and Z outranks wool, even wool with an aura.

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