Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Z and the Great Outdoors 1

As I've mentioned, my darling Z (Isn't she cute?) does not exactly do wonders for my ability to finish knitting projects. But she did provide the inspiration (Inspiration! Hello, stranger!) for the one thing I finished recently.

My crocheting friend Christie (she of the Babette Blanket) gifted me a skein of Cascade Rustic in blue (color 09). Rustic is a wool plied with linen, aran weight, very soft, very nice. It told me it wanted to be mittens.

"But I don't wear mittens," I told it. "I wear mitts. And don't even talk to me about convertible mittens. I hate those flip-tops." So the yarn was quiet for a bit.

On another day, I was putting Z to bed, and flipped the cuffs of her nightshirt so she wouldn't scratch herself in her sleep.

The design of infant nightshirts is actually quite clever. There is just an extra length of fabric on one side of the sleeve, attached on three sides, which functions as a cuff when it's down and a cover--or a mitten, if you will--when it's up. I'm not describing it very well. Let me show you.

Sleeper SleeveSleeper SleeveSleeper Sleeve

An idea started to form. While Z napped, I picked up my size 5 dpns and cast on with the Rustic. This is what I came up with.


Cradle Mitt - Open - Back


Cradle Mitt - Closed - Palm

I'm quite pleased with them, and considering writing up the pattern in a couple of sizes. Maybe do a variation that's a little fancier. Is that something people would pay for? I don't know about that, but I do know I can't explain putting in that amount of work for free to my husband when I could potentially be earning a little something extra for the baby. Diapers don't come cheap.

Update: The pattern is now available for purchase.


  1. Very cool idea for some mitts! You should definitely write up the pattern, and charge for it too! I don't think anybody has done anything like that before.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! :)