Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three Things for Baby, and a Question

First, my favorite, which I didn't make but was crocheted by my lovely, talented friend Christie who is not only so sweet that she declared she was making me a baby blanket OF HER OWN FREE WILL, but so awesome that when I showed her the pattern I'd secretly been drooling over became even more enthusiastic about it than I was.

So, this kid gets his or her very own Babette Blanket:

Babette Blanket 001

(Colors are truer in the closeup):

Babette Blanket 004

Isn't it gorgeous?

Second, I finally finished Flock:

Flock Flying

(More pictures on Flickr.)

And third, I started a new project, which is kind of for me and baby both.

Nursing Shawl

This is the October Nursing Shawl by Circé aux belles boucles.

It's really simple--just stockinette and garter and switching colors, mostly--which is about what I need right now. My husband and I attended a childbirth class last weekend, and I have to keep reminding myself to practice my breathing and my Kegels, since I'm shooting for a natural birth.

Now, I'm not the world's fastest knitter, but I am a pretty steady knitter. So as I'm sitting here doing row after expanding row of the same stitch, instead of trying to count seconds in my head, I count stitches. I can get about two fast breaths (he-he) or one slow one (hoo) per stitch, or four stitches to one cleansing breath. Or instead of holding my muscles for ten seconds, I hold them for ten stitches. It's very Zen. I wonder if this would work well as a distraction/focal point when I go into labor. Is that crazy? Have to search the forums at Ravelry. If there's a knitter out there who's done it, she's sure to have mentioned it there.

It's summer here, and the last few days have hit temperatures near 100, so of course our air conditioner gave out. The maintenance guys brought us a portable for one night until they could replace the wall unit. They put it where I normally keep my current knitting project.

When I picked up the shawl today, I realized it smelled just like a giant Band-Aid. I have NO IDEA what Band-Aids and portable air conditioners have in common, but I promise you it's the exact same smell.

I've Febreezed everything in hopes it goes away. Plan B is to pop it in the cedar chest where my stash lives, since everything that goes in there comes out smelling like cedar. I suppose this is opening myself up to the possibility that the nursing shawl will wind up smelling like a giant cedar Band-Aid covered in Febreeze, but at this point, with the thing still on the needles, I'm not sure what else to do.

Any suggestions?

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