Monday, May 4, 2009

Doomy Doomy McDoom

Baby brother's birthday came and went, and two weeks past due this is all the farther I've gotten:

Afghan of Doom

(Apologies for the graininess. I need to buy new batteries.)

On the plus side, the logo's finished and doesn't looked squooshed. (Yay!) For lack of better ideas, it's just a garter stitch border with some stripes. (Blah.) New goal: Have it finished by Memorial Day.

Also decided, since the afghan keeps growing and yet is Never Finished, that maybe a smaller project would be a good idea.

Flock bird

Pattern is Meg Bakewell's Flock, from this spring's Knitty. For the kidlet, of course (who is doing nicely, and right this moment kicking my bladder mercilessly, in case I'd forgotten it was in there.)

1 comment:

  1. I think the "afghan of doom" is coming along nicely. I like the logo. It does seem to take forever to knit an afghan which is probably why I usually crochet it when I want one done.