Wednesday, March 18, 2009


First, progress on the Afghan of Doom, such as it is:

afghan so far

About halfway through the logo. I am a wee bit worried now that, despite the Power of Math, it will end up looking squooshed. If it does, maybe I can stretch it and block it with an iron, but hopefully it won't come to that.

Second, (and this is totally unrelated to knitting but it's SPRING, dash it all, I saw a robin outside and everything!) I am determined to have something growing in this apartment besides a baby. I've started a few things from seed indoors, in hopes that by the time they need to be transplanted to bigger pots it'll be warm enough to keep them on the balcony.

We have peas:


And bachelor's buttons:

bachelor's button

And lots and lots of marigolds:


The only thing that hasn't germinated yet are the forget-me-nots. I suspect that on the one day it was nice enough to move them outside for a few hours, the birds may have gotten at them. I'll give them a few days and reseed if I have to.

It's so nice to have fresh green things growing!


  1. It looks like the afghan will come out alright. So don't worry until you need to.

    Spring... is so nice! It is nice to see the buds on the trees and the flowers pushing through the dirt. I haven't been much of a gardener but our new house (old house but new to us)has rose bushes. So I suppose I'll learn about them.