Monday, March 30, 2009

Nature is in Hiding (at least the bits I want to see)

Last week I found a park down by the river and went in search of pussy willows to make an Easter tree. I didn't think this would be difficult; it's March, it's wet, and where I come from (Wisconsin) that equals pussy willows.

Tree Tree But although I found a great deal of dead brown things and the occasional sign of new things growing, willows found I none. Boo. (Later I took a closer look at the USDA map that said they grew in Iowa; apparently they do, just not in my county. Grr.)

Fortunately for the rest of my day, even though new plants are still being shy around here, the pond at the local cemetery is jam-packed with wildlife. (Click to see larger sizes.)

Mystery White Bird Birds Goose Gang Canada Geese Mallards

I had another "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in the Upper Midwest anymore" moment at the pond. In Wisconsin, Canada geese (which are also abundant here in Iowa) are the norm; new to me, though, are the sheer numbers of white and grey geese also wandering around.

The new Big Ugly Geese (as I took to calling them) provided one of the highlights of the cemetery trip. At one point, Grey Goose A (middle) decided to pick a fight with White Goose B (bottom). Soon Goose B's friend, White Goose C (top) came to the rescue.

Goose Fight

Unfortunately, Goose C's solution (sitting on Goose A) wound up putting poor Goose B completely underwater:

Goose Fight

Never said geese were bright. They did sort themselves out eventually.

Mystery Branch Once I got home, I put the piece of nature I'd stolen into some water, and went to check on my potted plants.

Forget-Me-Nots The forget-me-nots are finally up.

Marigolds The marigolds continue to do well, and as of today (not pictured) have their first sets of real, not germinate, leaves.

Bachelor's Buttons The bachelor's buttons are doing so well I've since had to thin them out.

Peas And the peas are growing so madly that I've had to put stakes (not pictured) in to keep them from flopping over. Yay indoor gardens. :)

Oh, and in case you were thinking I'd forgotten this is nominally a knitting blog, here's the state of the Afghan of Doom, from both sides:

afghan afghan

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