Friday, February 20, 2009

In Which Wendy Isn't Prepared

Today's Wondermark:


Incidentally, it's titled, "In Which Wendy is Prepared". It's like he knows me. Hee.

I finished what I've been calling the "Honeymoon Cardigan" (last seen in skein form here):

honeymoon cardigan 4

Pattern is soobeeoz's Leafy Lace Cardi. Mods: Shortened the length, due to lack of yarn; did way fewer pattern repeats, since I was using a much heavier yarn; did the sleeves in stockinette instead of pattern stitch.

It's snug and cozy, and not itchy at all (which I was slightly worried about because of the mohair.) And it's my first adult-size sweater. Triumph!

In other news, I've been busy making this:


baby1 labeled flickr

Which is exciting, exhausting, and no matter how much I read up on the subject and talk to women who've been there already, leaving me with the sense that I'm still a bit unprepared.

I know I can cover one angle, at least: Anyone got a favorite baby knitting pattern?


  1. Congratulations! I will have to hunt up my favorite baby patterns. There is one that is knit on size 10 needles with worsted weight yarn (a quick knit).
    Your cardigan is lovely. I love the lace work.