Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Poor Louise

My beloved PC, Louise, has been breathing raggedly for some time now, so I finally gave my husband the go-ahead to buy parts for a new computer and cannibalize Louise for the rest. Unfortunately, playing Frankenstein with your PC is not as easy as it sounds even if your husband is a software developer. (Software acumen ≠ hardware acumen.)

Anyway, I'm typing this from my husband's laptop (a Mac, which I'm still getting used to) as Louise is still in pieces on the dining room floor, and wondering what I can offer up without access to my story files or photo editors or any of that jazz.

I do have my latest batch of Flickr photos. One Christmas project finished:

Socks for Mom! Yay!

And another half-done:

Jenny's mitt

Mitts for my younger sis-in-law. I frogged these about half a dozen times trying to come up with a pattern I liked. Even now, looking at that picture, I can think of improvements. But they'll have to wait till the next iteration of that pattern, because it is December and I have umpteen projects to finish for people and THERE IS NO TIME TO FROG.

Speaking of December, I am a not-till-Advent kind of girl when it comes to holiday music and decorations and so forth. In October and November I kind of ignore their existence in the outside world. But it's December! So last night I put George Winston's December on the turntable (found the LP in a Goodwill last spring and have been itching for winter ever since) and started putting up decorations.

I didn't get very far because the ornaments are all in one of several identical unlabeled blue Rubbermaid bins, and I decided to make the finding of them today's project. But I did get two things done. One, our apartment-sized tree:

Our first Christmas tree

and two, our Christmas carousel. I'm not sure what the proper name for these things is, but you've probably seen one: They've got the Nativity on two or three levels, which spin around when hot air created by candles makes the fan on top spin. I took video of ours in action:

And here's a close-up of the bottom layer.

Bottom level of the carousel

Happy Advent!

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