Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is Looming

Projects completed since the last update:

The left glove of the pair of mitts for my sis-in-law:

Jenny's mitts back

A pair of mitts for my friend Amy:

Amy's Mitts 1

A hug box for my husband's friend's fiancée (if you don't recognize it, watch the Mastercard commercial below)

knitted hug box 2

At first I tried making it to go around a cereal box, but soon discovered I didn't have enough tan yarn (and I'm still on a yarn diet), so I switched to a cracker box. Then my husband's friend asked if it was huggable, which I thought was a fair question, so I switched out the box for a piece of high-density foam. The hearts and the arms are made of felt, and the rest is pretty much garter stitch. I think it's kinda cute.

Still to go: mitts for both my brothers-in-law, and a pair of these adorable Miittens (that's not a typo) for my niece.

Mitts are the big thing this year. Last year they all got hats. I might get away with scarves next year, but after that, what? Help!

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