Monday, November 3, 2008

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever,

but a thing of ugliness takes just as long to make.

Look Stern, My Husband Said

I'm not precisely proud of that scarf, but I did spend a day before the Halloween party making it to go with my Mary Poppins costume, so I'm a bit pleased. And it used up some ugly peach sport-weight acrylic that would otherwise have sat in my stash getting older and yuckier and more peach. (Scientists will tell you otherwise, but I swear it does.)

I also turned a plain white straw hat into an almost-black one with cherries and daisies (note to self: straw is not as easy to dye as you think it will be), and sewed the coat, which I am really proud of since I've only ever made curtains up till now.

But the payoff was when my husband and I got to the party, and saw the hostess:

Tally Ho, Tally Ho

(Both our husbands were dressed as Bert, too. We spent the evening annoying the other guests with spontaneous outbursts of "A Spoonful of Sugar" and "Sister Suffragette". Though we adore men in-di-vi-dual-ly, weee agree that as a group, they're ra-ther stu-piiiiid...)

Time came to cast our votes for best costume. "I'll do the tallying," said our hostess. "I'm the tally ho! Tally ho! Tally ho!"

Tally ho indeed.

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