Monday, October 27, 2008

Reasons Why I Love My Husband

1. Because I have one to love now.


(Note the rings. And that's the wedding quilt my mother made for us underneath. The wristlet is from Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer's lovely Simple Filigree Hand Warmers pattern.)

2. Because he let me talk him into visiting these guys on our honeymoon.



2.a. And even petted one.

My husband petting a goat

2.b. In case you were wondering,

Angora Goat Crossing

they are angora goats.

Angora goats, despite their name, are not where you get angora. That would be the angora rabbit. (Go ahead, look. I'll wait here.) (Did you see? Tribbles, right?) Anyway. The angora goat is actually where you get mohair.

Which brings me to

3. He willingly went into the gift shop with me.

Wall of Roving

Wall of Handspun

It Really Was That Green

3.a. And let me take this picture of him.

My husband, pretending to be Russian

3.b. And bought me a souvenir.

wool / mohair

The tag says "Handspun by Lena" and that it's a 60/40 wool/mohair blend (it looks to be a strand of wool plied with a strand of mohair, I think), but you'd never know half of it came from a goat, it's so soft. 600 yards. Mmm.

There are more pictures of it all on my Flickr account. The place, by the by, is Austin's Angora Goats and Mohair, in Harmony, MN. Highly recommended, if you're ever out that way.

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