Sunday, September 7, 2008

Things to Look For at the Living History Farms if You Are a Knitter

1. Sheep.


2. Roving.

yarn basket 2

3. Spindles.

thread 1

thread 2

4. Spinning wheel.

spinning wheel 2

spinning wheel

5. Homespun.

homespun 2

homespun 1

homespun 3

6. Totally Not Homespun.

yarn basket 1

In fact I would bet you a skein of Noro that the big one on the lower right is Lily Sugar'n'Cream cotton.

totally not homespun

But, to be fair, the re-enactress in the cabin (a very cool knitter who is going to be teaching a spinning class next spring that I am TOTALLY GOING TO TAKE) did say that while pioneers did some of their own spinning, they'd also buy yarn in town, like cotton. So, yay historical accuracy?

Living History Farms. Totally worth the trip.

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